Mohit Tandon (Chicago): Some tips to get out of Depression

Mohit Tandon (Chicago): Some tips to get out of Depression

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Mohit Tandon (Chicago) suggested some Tips to get out of Depression. Depression and stress have become a serious disease today. Due to this, people start suffering from many diseases. In the event of depression, a person should take care of certain things. On the contrary, when feeling depressed, people make some such mistakes which they should not do which has a bad effect on health and the condition of depression becomes more harmful. In such a situation, if you are feeling depression, then take special care of some things to reduce this problem and get yourself out of the state of depression. According to Mohit Tandon (Chicago), what should not be done in case of depression.

  1. Overeating: Many times people start overeating in state of depression. By doing this the body starts getting harmed. You may suffer from many diseases physically and mentally. For example, there can be insomnia problem, indigestion problem or stomach gas etc. Depression which is in a way your mental state also increases the physical problems. So avoid over eating.
  2. Don’t get drunk: It is often seen that people suffering from depression start taking drugs. He starts smoking or drinking more. Avoid consuming alcohol in cases of depression or stress.
  3. Don’t be alone: In a state of stress or depression, the sufferer becomes lonely and depressed. Don’t let yourself be lonely by not ignoring such symptoms. Spending time outdoors with natural scenery has actually been proven to improve brain function. Feel the pure environment. Mohit Tandon from Chicago Try to spend time with family or friends instead of staying locked in the room. People spend their time in mobile, laptop or video games instead of mixing with others in state of depression which can increase the stress instead of reducing it. So avoid these things and spend time with people.
  4. Avoid lying down: People suffering from stress often lie on the bed. He likes to lie down as soon as he is free. However, due to this, they also have the problem of insomnia. So instead of lying down, go for a walk. Exercise, yoga or dance. Keep yourself busy. Stay away from social media or misleading things.

What is the treatment for depression?

  1. Taking care of yourself with the help of regular exercise, getting enough sleep and spending time with people you care about can improve symptoms of depression.
  2. Alternative medicine – People with mild depression can improve their well-being with complementary medicine. Therapy may include massage, acupuncture, hypnosis, and biofeedback.
  3. Medication – Prescription medication such as antidepressants can help change the brain chemistry that causes depression. It can take a few weeks for the antidepressant to take effect. eputed hospitals in different cities across India treat depression. These hospitals in different cities perform deep brain stimulation therapy.

How to stop depression?

There is no sure shot method to prevent this, however some of the following measures can be taken to prevent depression:

  1. Mohit Tandon from Chicago says that Listen to your favorite songs to uplift your mood.
  2. Maintaining a proper sleep cycle is essential. Do not look at any screen like your laptop or mobile before sleeping as it can lead to stress. Do things that you love and that you find interesting. This can reduce stress.
  3. Try to exercise as much as possible. Yoga is also a healthy exercise in state of depression. This results in the production of  “feel-good hormones”.
  4. Take healthy and nutritious diet. Also drink plenty of water.
  5. Reduce your caffeine intake i.e. tea, coffee intake. Quit smoking and avoid regular consumption of alcohol, as it increases the risk of depression.