Mohit Tandon Chicago : Health Benefits of Eating Walnut.

Mohit Tandon Houston : Health Benefits of Eating Walnut

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Mohit Tandon from Houston suggested to eat Walnuts because the elements present in walnuts are very beneficial for our health. It contains Omega which keeps our heart healthy. It also contains Manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K and iron. Roasted Walnut are beneficial in cough caused by cold. Mohit Tandon Houston said in burr Ridge you can consume these in the quantity of 20grams to 30 grams in day but if you have any problem while eating these then consult your doctor immediately. According to Mohit Tandon Houston following are the some Health benefits of eating Walnut:-

Mohit Tandon Chicago: Health Benefits of Eating Walnut
  1. Helpful for Brain Health: Vitamin E, omega 3, and antioxidant elements present in Walnut helps in making the brain healthy. The vitamins and minerals present in walnuts also work to keep away brain weakness that occurs with age. Consumption of these increases memory power. -Mohit Tandon Houston : Health Benefits of Eating Walnut
  2. Get Relief from DepressionMohit Tandon from Houston says that if you eat one walnut daily in winter season, then you get relief from stress, anger and irritability.Mohit Tandon Human Trafficking
  3. If you have a complaint of stone, then Mohit Tandon from Houston says that Make a powder by grinding walnuts along with their peels. Eat one spoonful of this powder with cold water every morning and evening.
  4. Get Relief from Cough: In case of cough, roasting walnut kernels and chewing them is beneficial.
  5. Mohit Tandon says that Children who has worms present in the stomach. Take 1 walnut in the evening for a few days with milk, then the intestinal worms come out along with the urine.
  6. Some children complain of having to urinate in bed. And if such type of child take half walnut and 4 raisins daily for1 to3 months removes this complaint.Mohit Tandon Human Trafficking